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Singleplayer Vs. Multiplayer

I came across a forum post about a week ago where the initial poster was saying that “today’s generation of young gamers are scary.”  He didn’t understand it when he was told by kids that “SP is boring in games, it is all about the MP.”  It’s truly unfortunate that this is becoming more and […]

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What is on the other side?

On December 10th, 2009 the anomaly was exploited for the first time, thanks to iDGi-1. I was fortunate enough to be the first person to experience this “alternate dimension” and have since been attempting to gather my thoughts on just what it is. I had hoped to return to work on January 1st so that […]

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Hello there, Seeker

ARGNet has posted a nice story about us.    They reveal a couple new tidbits of information about our project….check it out!

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Web Update – v1.02

Since one of our goals with iDGi’s online presence is to make the site unique to every visitor, we’ve implemented state checking and setting into iDGi-1. This works sort of just like checkpoints in a game. Now, and for our major future releases, iDGi-1 will remember your progress…

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World Builder

When will THIS tool become a reality?

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