Burnaby, BC, Canada – Interdimensional Games Inc (iDGi) has, through pre-production efforts for it’s new video game Intellectual Property, discovered how to export human consciousness into an entirely different dimension. Company officials claim that a proprietary invention accessible from their website, will, starting today, January 1st, 2010, be capable of allowing anyone to travel interdimensionally.

“We invented this gateway to help our efforts in crafting a compelling interactive experience”, says iDGi Founder Vidal Desertch. “We never intended to make this tool available to the public, but after realizing it’s awesome potential…well, we simply couldn’t keep it a secret any longer”. Vidal makes it clear that the technology is limited, and it’s not entirely certain where – or when – your consciousness may end up once it crosses the dimensional threshold, or what form it may end up becoming.

“This technology is made possible from our satellite “iDGi-1″, which is positioned very close to the moon’s orbit. When the moon eclipses the sun, casting the earth in shadow, in that precise moment, interdimensional travel is possible.”

The company is also launching a public forum and a blog, entitled “Culture and Philosophy”, through which the iDGi team will begin sharing views and opinions, as well as information about the new, as yet unannounced, video game IP.

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