First web update – v1.01

Rocking on with the new online presence our crack commando web team has a new update:
  • Exterminated a number of bugs and state issues with the solar system (specifically the moon)
  • Incorporated event tracking so if you click on the moon after you’ve triggered the phenomena you can jump right back into the alternate dimension
  • A nifty inventory for all current and future events.
  • AND we are proud to announce an all new intro theme and remastered soundtrack by Archangel Gabriel.
We’re really thrilled by the reception our online experience has received, and would like to extend a warm “thank you” to everyone writing about us and sending us around.  As a result the web team is cooking-up a bunch of new goodies to keep the masses entertained. So make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed and come back often.
We’re just getting started.

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