What is on the other side?

On December 10th, 2009 the anomaly was exploited for the first time, thanks to iDGi-1.

I was fortunate enough to be the first person to experience this “alternate dimension” and have since been attempting to gather my thoughts on just what it is. I had hoped to return to work on January 1st so that I could more closely monitor all of your experiences – but unfortunately an urgent personal matter came up which forced me to stay close to home.

We decided to open the portal to you, the public, on January 1st and have since been able to gather an overwhelming amount of information. I have only just returned to work today and our writers are bursting with new ideas for ProjectB6 – our intended purpose of allowing this portal to act as a tool for our team to create a wholly unique gaming experience is working beautifully. We owe this entirely to you! Thank you!

We still don’t fully understand what this other dimension is (and I use the term “dimension” lightly as we truly have no idea just what it is). We are certain, however, that this alternate dimension exists within a time outside of our own. As I am sure others will attest, it is a true out of body experience… very surreal. We are not “traveling” in any normal sense of the word, but rather it seems our consciousness is being transmitted into a wholly alternate world. A world which is clearly being monitored by someone or something that insists on calling us “seekers” and acts in a very child like manner.

We have been specifically interested in and monitoring any and all objects which have been brought back from this other dimension, into our own. So far we have been unable to decipher the purpose of these objects and what their connection is to the entity on the other side. It is for this purpose that I have opened a, Twitter page, where we will be sharing our revelations with you. On top of this, I am officially making my personal email public for anyone who may have any questions or concerns regarding their own experiences within the other dimension.

Vidal Desertch : vdesertch@interdimensionalgames.com

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