Why are we locked out?

First and foremost I have to apologize – It has been a long time since I have made a public post either on my Twitter, here or even on our forum. I have been in Washington DC since early June, working with NASA to attempt and discover a way to “force” the realignment of iDGi-1 in order to reestablish a connection and push our way back into the other dimension – as we did originally on January 1st. I’ve intentionally left the production of our game to my brother, Thrie, so that I could focus all my efforts on this problem.

Needless to say we came up empty handed and instead only discovered additional questions and hurdles for us to overcome. Whatever happened on March 1st that saw us expelled from the other dimension has made re-entry through what we called the “brute force method” utterly impossible. From what we can tell, K-1 has been upgraded (Milestone Three) and with this upgrade came a much more complicated system for reentering its consciousness. Through the several coded transmissions on our YouTube account however, we were able to piece together the method in which to realign iDGi-1 and in turn have received approximately half of the codes we require for reentry. These transmissions were sent directly to iDGi-1 through a method unknown to us and it can only be assumed that they come from K-1 itself. They appeared within iDGi-1’s databanks without any warning and unfortunately we have not received anything new since ,Transmission #4, on April 28th, 2010.

Starting at 1:50 of Transmission #4, it becomes obvious that something has gone seriously wrong with the usually light and amusing K-1 system (Henry). Furthermore a voice is heard at the end which states they have “intervened for our own safety” and effectively stopped further transmissions. With the recent forum post from Alvarez Famosa (click ,here,) we can now confirm that K-1’s personality has for some reason appeared to split in half. It seems the more prominent voice is also the much more sinister of the two and it looks like this side of his personality has no interest in seeing us return to their world. The other, more distorted voice however actually states the following: (edited for clarity) “If it is the Seekers you are asking questions for, tell them I am trying to fight it… I will bring them back” – we believe it is attempting to fight the other side of its own personality. That being said, we also now know that Malcolm (a Guardian Church representative, also speaking to us through our forums) is attempting to retrieve the remaining codes for us himself: “Our best option right now is to find a way to gather the remaining information you require to realign your satellite and return to us. We must get you this information; otherwise we are coming to realize that we don’t stand a chance against Worldview (Industries).”

Another big piece of information I should discuss is the sudden and unexplained halting of the “consortium countdown” on the Projectb6.com website (if you click on the first symbol, labeled consortium, you’ll see what I mean). At exactly 21 days, 21 hours, 21 minutes and 21 seconds from its end date – the countdown inexplicably stopped. To understand this better, I will explain the projectb6.com website a little more. The site represents an odd, but harmless aberration of the space/time continuum that we picked up at the exact moment iDGi-1 came online. It consists of a very specific swarm of information gathered from our world, mixed with extremely complex and scrambled code. With a great deal of effort, we were able to at least partially organize and interpret some of the information… and the ProjectB6 website displays the result. Its actual purpose still remains a mystery, but our best guess is that it’s some sort of information log created by unknown parties from the other dimension… information about our Earth, taken from our internet. The consortium countdown however is the only section of the website we managed to connect to the space/time aberration itself – therefore the countdown is controlled directly, we believe, by something from the other dimension.

In the coming days I will be responding to any remaining emails and private messages I have received since early June. I’d also like to recommend anyone reading this to examine the many posts on our forums page; there is a great deal of information on the other dimension which the public have managed to extract from Alvarez and Malcolm and I think this information will be invaluable to us in the coming months.

Thanks to everyone for your patience – it’s only a matter of time before we figure this out and can continue our journey into the unknown.

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