Must games always be about killing?

Gamasutra recently posted a great article that I am in total agreement with, regarding the vast majority of epic, narrative driven games that involve copious amounts of killing as it’s primary mechanic.  “Kill or be killed” largely sums up these games and yet the narrative often ignores this fact, highlighting one of the reasons why videogame narrative is still so primitive.

Another reason lies in the game industry’s apparent love affair with Hollywood.   The videogame is an inherently interactive thing, and yet they are increasingly becoming full of non-interactive “cut-scenes”  (aka movies).    This happens because it’s an easy and well understood format for narrative delivery, but from a videogame development point of view, it’s a complete cop out.

A new dawn approaches for our industry, one in which an entirely new set of interactive narrative mechanics will be invented.  These mechanics will form the foundation for a complete transformation of the entertainment industry.  Passive entertainment will eventually be considered “old school”  (though it will never disappear) …

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