Ten Months Later…

It’s hard to believe it’s been ten months since we first opened iDGi-1 to the world. While the situation on the other side of its interdimensional gateway is now just as confusing and polluted as it ever was, we’ve at least been able to gather enough information to begin making up our own minds. We here at iDGi are divided three ways – those who believe Worldview, those who believe the Guardian Church and those who refuse to believe either side until we can get back there and do some digging of our own. I would definitely love to discuss any theories, opinions or just general thoughts anyone might have! Throw me an email anytime, I’m always open for a good old fashion brainstorming session!

Something we here at iDGi thought was a breakthrough in communication with the other side, has unfortunately backfired and could cause us some problems. Keep in mind some of the following is still entirely hearsay and some of it our best guess, but these are the facts as we see them:

Someone from the other side has managed to take control of a website that now appears in both our world and in the other. In our world this particular website was before owned by a man named John Wilconson (I say ‘was before’ owned because the government owns it now). In our world the website was nothing only a few weeks ago; it showed only his name in black letters. He says that he was “soon” planning on creating a proper page of his own. In the other world now (think 18 years from now) the exact same website address is owned by a woman claiming to be Pamela Wilconson. Pamela Wilconson has written on this otherworld website that her husband, John, was murdered by Worldview Industries. We’ve learned that he was actually a construction foreman back during the initial construction of the K-1 Facility; 2026-2027 in the other world. Beyond this we have nothing more to go on except potential lies from people we can’t exactly trust. Now the kicker. As many of you know, someone from the other side has found a way to somehow replace our johnwilconson.com with their johnwilconson.com… and the same website now displays in both worlds. This has essentially pissed off the John Wilconson from our world because he is unable to change what displays and thinks we are all “hilariously insane”. So Mr. Wilconson decided to push his website provider to investigate what was happening, and here we are.

Now onto the bigger problem. Ever since johnwilconson.com was “taken over” by the other side, the Canadian government has been keeping a closer eye on us. More specifically they’re interested and asking questions about any further changes the other side could cause here in our world. I remember a time, not that long ago, when many of those politicians pretty much ignored our project. The government apparently has a problem with “possible terrorists causing a panic”. As crazy as that sounds, we have to work to make sure this doesn’t spiral out of control.

To further our problem, Wilconsons’ provider cannot find a way to remove what displays when johnwilconson.com is opened – they claim they have tried everything. They say it’s as if the website itself is now being powered and generated by some unknown source or unknown technology. They said to me, “It’s utterly impossible… and yet here we are”. Canadian “Internet police” were informed by the provider, which soon led to the government catching wind. In a few days I’ll be heading to Ottawa for a mandatory meeting with government officials assigned to us. I’ll be given a chance to explain the situation and hopefully prevent this from escalating any further. Everything stays the same however, until their decision is made.

There is also one other major piece of news worth bringing up. It looks like johnwilconson.com has yielded another interesting result. The website has allowed people from our world to communicate with a person claiming to be Kevin Chard, from the other world. Apparently six people from our world have gotten through to him after emailing the email address at the bottom of the website and in turn answering two security/screening questions. All six of our people have received a very similar email reply from Chard. The email claims the information on johnwilconson.com is “all bullshit”, and at the same time explains several key pieces of information from his point of view. That is if we’re to actually believe it’s really Chard – as usual, there’s no proof to back any of what he says up. It also claims that he’ll only be allowed a few back-and-forth emails with each of the six people before the “connection is lost”. . . so I encourage you six to find out as much as you possibly can in the time you have. This is of course the same Kevin Chard (or Employee 1195), who disappeared in early March and whose timeline blog we were able to access upon first entering the other side. If anyone would like a copy of the initial email received from Kevin Chard (courtesy of a Dustin Cooper; one of the six it seems)… don’t hesitate to throw me an email and I’d be happy to relay it to you.

We have also recently learned why these emails appear to originate from the name “Pamela Bratus”, but yet the content claims to be from Kevin Chard. Pamela Bratus is the Pamela Wilconson of our world, our time. So she’s eighteen years younger and not married to John – nope, she’s apparently married to John’s “best friend”. As if everything couldn’t get any weirder. So this was just another minor detail that managed to set him off, “you’re f*cking nuts, I wouldn’t go near her!” was Wilconson’s repeated statement.

And so we move forward from here. All work has been halted on this end with regards to finding our own way back into the other world. We are however optimistic and hopeful that we’ll acquire the codes we need sooner rather than later. Whether it be from Malcolm, Alvarez, Henry itself or even this man claiming to be Kevin Chard. All have shown an interest in seeing us return. Patience is key and so is information – the more we know before getting back to them, the more influence we’ll have on the other side. Knowledge is definitely power and I think we’re going to need plenty of both when we find ourselves inside Henry once again.

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