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I have finally returned home to B.C after several weeks of rather exasperating meetings in Ottawa. For now things have stabilized and we are merely being “watched carefully” by a specially sanctioned group within the Canadian government. The communication blackout I’ve been forced to adhere to has been finally lifted and I can now speak openly with you, the public.

It seems this all began when a man named Dr. David Schelter (the Schelter from our world, not yet a public figure but still a highly respected individual) came forward and lodged a grievance against iDGi-1, apparently after discovering the whole John Wilconson situation. His initial statement reads, “If iDGi-1 is truly capable of communicating with another dimension, and all of this is not just a fabrication trumped up by Vidal and his company… then considering the hostile situation found within the other World, I see no other course of action available to us but to have iDGi-1 shut down permanently. Not just for our own safety, but for the safety and continued sanctity of the time/space continuum and all other possible Worlds held within. There is no telling what irreparable harm Vidal’s satellite is causing as they continue probing and stirring an already volatile situation.”

As many of you know, David Schelter is the C.E.O of Worldview Industries within the other dimension – the company behind the creation of K1 (Henry) and one side of a rising conflict with the Church of the Guardians. This is the very first time his name has come up in OUR world and at this time I cannot even begin to speculate what this all means, if anything at all.

Thankfully the Canadian government have ultimately decided that the possibilities raised and the questions that could be answered through the use of iDGi-1, cannot be ignored. They are simply too curious to shut us down but until further notice we will be required to have a government agent present at all times during any and all major decisions made regarding our satellite. They also possess veto power over such decisions and possess remote control of iDGi-1 as they see fit, and will generally not hesitate to shut us down if they think any real danger is imminent.

Thank you for your patience through all of this and at least for now, everything is back to relative normal. We remain focused on iDGi-1 development, and are still hopeful that someone from the other side will help us out with the remaining information needed to allow us to re-establish our ability to travel back through the Rift…we await further transmissions.

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iDGi Founder. Principal Inventor of iDGi-1.

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