Reconnection is near…

Greetings everyone!

We are overjoyed and excited to tell you all that the we are very close to being able to once again open the Rift and reconnect with the other side, beyond March 1st, 2028.  We believe that the final bits of information we need are retrievable through the Greenburg Device.

For those of you completely new to iDGi, WELCOME!!   Believe it or not, you have arrived at what is still the BEGINNING of an epic journey.  Catching up on the experience to prepare for what lies ahead should only take an afternoon or so (of course, if you choose to dive deep into what iDGi-1 has revealed so far, you may find days of time passing by…).

Believe it or not, the stalwart explorers among you who started with us 17 months (!) ago were on-board well BEFORE the beginning.

So, the reason for the extended interlude?   Acquiring full production funding for taking iDGi-1 to the next level, which proved far more difficult than any of us realized.  But we did it.

We would like to officially thank the following people who have contributed so much over the past 17 months to helping us explore the other side of the Rift.  In no particular order: Seadevil, John Galt, GoldenNova, cherrytree98765, Serik, wowo, sublimetime, and tromboner.  Your contributions will forever be written into the fabric of our IP, and we believe that your actions have already created waves that will only be most fully appreciated a long time from now…

In addition, Thrie must be congratulated for working so tirelessly to keep everything spinning over the past 15 months.   Many impressive feats were performed by him, and him alone.

We will be attempting to revise this blog and start posting more regularly…we have a bunch of new team members, and I’m hoping all of them will make at least a few posts over the next year to share insights and ruminations on the internal Interdimensional machine…

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