What is that video about?

If you’ve just seen a video on GameTrailers.com that they refer to as a “Mystery Game”, then you’ve come to the right place.

First off, in an attempt to extinguish any confusion, what you saw in the video represents the first 3D connection we’ve made with an alternate universe that our satellite, iDGi-1 is capable of accessing. As such, we are just as mystified about it’s content as you might be. The mysterious symbol/logo at the end, what does it represent? The woman (we do know her name is Alannah Boyle) is wearing a uniform…for what?

I should mention that we have been making amazing progress with the software controlling our satellite since this discovery. We are now about 90% confident that we will eventually figure out how to create and maintain multiple stable 3D connections with the other universe, allowing the public to explore and interact with it. Our biggest hurdle right now is quantum bandwidth, but we will keep you all updated on our progress…

iDGi-1 has been operational for a little over two years now, and through it we have discovered an amazing amount of information about this alternate universe. We invite you to explore beyond the rift yourselves. Start your journey by clicking on the “Experience” link on the first page of http://interdimensionalgames.com

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