Can’t Find Lat/Long Coordinates For

I’ve been getting MANY emails from folks who have made their way to, and then realized they don’t have the required 21 lat/long coordinates to use the upgraded dialer! I thought I’d post instructions here to help anyone else having the same problem…

Step One: Ensure you have completed the first part of the experience. This means that you have found your way to the Worldview Industries desktop and were subsequently “booted off” by Henry, following a countdown over the desktop.

Step Two: Upon being forced back to the space scene, you will find various anomalous stars on the star field. After clicking several of these stars (and seeing writing along the left of the screen) you will unlock “The Greenberg Device.” If you have already unlocked the device, access to it is shown as a small RED icon in the upper right of the space scene (it sort of looks like a Space Invaders bad-guy – Henry has a bizarre sense of humour!)

Step Three: All you must do is complete the first level of the Greenberg Device and this will then automatically export ALL 21 dialing coordinates, to Playing through the 21 levels of the Greenberg Device is no longer a requirement in order to continue your experience through the rift. It is completely optional – but keep in mind, there is much to be learned through the device about the 21 brains that make up the A.I. known as Henry’s psyche.

Step Four: Head on back to and enter the dialing screen. You should now see an “Import Greenberg Device” button along the bottom left of the screen. Click this and you’ll be good to go!

If you need anything else at all, don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email ( and I’d be happy to help.

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