We are (mostly) back!

Hello everyone,

I apologize for my rather long hiatus, but unfortunately we here at iDGi had very little choice in the matter. For over three months now and just officially ending two days ago, we have been on a Government sectioned lock-down. Any and all information regarding the events I’m about to describe to you was entirely restricted under threat of permanent shutdown of the project and of this company.

Now, let me explain why the lock-down. There are actually several reasons: 1) The device which we were using to calibrate further jumps in time has been destroyed by parties unknown. 2) The man capable of rebuilding/fixing the device has been kidnapped and possibly killed by parties unknown. 3) The iDGi-1 satellite itself has also been physically sabotaged; you guessed it, by parties unknown. So this means that even if we manage to make another recalibration device, we’d still need to physically repair iDGi-1 in order to make any forward jumps – understandably this is something neither NASA nor the Canadian Government are too happy to help us with right now.

Before I get to the details of the above, I’ve first got some good news to report. While we have not been able to communicate with the outside world, we have still been hard at work with David Schelter and his people. Our efforts to create a workable upgrade for iDGi-1, which would allow us fully-3D visualizations within the other side, are still moving full steam ahead. David has asked that I do not speak more on these upgrades until we are closer, but it sure has everyone around here very excited. It has our government friends excited as well, as the possibilities could turn out to be nearly endless.

Another piece of good news I suppose is that we may have found a workaround method for connecting to the other side without the satellite parts that have been overloaded (I’ll explain this overloading in a minute). The only problem with our plan so far, once we get it working, is that we’ll only be able to obtain one to three seconds of connectivity at a time – and there’s no way of telling when in time we’ll be connecting to for those few seconds. We are fairly sure at least that we’ll be connecting to the same timeline in which we are awaiting the next time-jump and NOT the alternate-timeline still (hopefully) progressing on the iDGi Forums. Our ultimate goal with these short interval connections is to try and make contact with K-1 and ultimately get his help to finish our upgrades. Really though, there’s no way of telling what we’re going to find when we have the system in place and we begin making jumps.

Now let’s talk about these “Parties Unknown” I spoke of above. We can only imagine that this is a single group doing this to us, but so far we have not heard a word from anyone. The only reason the Government is releasing the gag order on our company is because they have no proof that Dr. Resin is even alive, nor if there will be any further threat to us. We’ve upped security in our offices ten-fold and that seems to have been enough. I guess now I just want to know WHY?? Who is doing this and why? It’s driving us all pretty crazy trying to figure out.

I’ll admit that we weren’t exactly Fort Knox when a small group of armed and masked people broke into our offices in the middle of the night and destroyed the calibration device. They then proceeded to upload a program to iDGi-1 which caused key systems to overload themselves – systems of course directly related to its ability to calibrate NEW combinations. They had enough knowledge to pull off something so specific and I suppose that’s what worries me most. Why didn’t they try to overload more systems and cause more damage?

At the exact same time as the break-in at our offices, Dr. Resin was kidnapped from his home in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver. Whoever has committed these crimes has not made any attempt to contact us. We have not heard a single thing and the police have all but given up, most of them think Resin is dead. I don’t believe he is. Personally, I believe that whoever is behind this is just waiting to get some attention before they’ll come forward. Is this attention enough, you sons of bitches?

I’ll finish by asking if anyone out there in the land of the Web has any information regarding Dr. Resin’s kidnapping OR the attack on our offices in Burnaby – please contact me immediately. Otherwise I can only ask that you be patient with us as we work on these upgrades and also hope with us that someone from the alternate timeline re-establishes contact soon, to at least let us know they’re still there.

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