Findings: Part 2

As promised, here is everything we’ve managed to decode since my last post two weeks ago. Similar to last time, we’re looking at several images from who we still want to believe is Henry (K-1). The date on the mission report is of some significance; 2038. That’s quite a few years later then we’ve seen before.

“we just put this one together late last night; it appears to be an impression of Alannah Boyle, done by none other than Henry/K-1 himself”

“an article from 2015, about the leader of an extremist anti-weapons group – Susan Lensworth – who died for her beliefs. this is the first mention of this woman we have seen so far”

“medical report on Jasper Hodges; similar to the other ones we’ve seen, this is one of the 21 brains attached to Henry/K-1”

“a surveillance report on Jack Geas; directly contradicts the Geas medical report from my last post”

“a very interesting mission report, this time from a Knight 6; details the death of Bishop 2, and is the first mention of a group called the Long Dragon Syndicate”

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