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Peak Experience

Hi everyone!  Gregory here.  So Autumn is upon us, the weather’s cooling down, my little girl is sleeping through the night now (most of the time!), and progress is ramping up for us in a big way.  I’m mystified by what we’ve been able to accomplish in such a short period of time since realizing […]

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Findings: Part 4

And here we are again. Today we’ve got a smaller post for you, but still some interesting stuff. We have a news article + a response to the article from our good buddy Malcolm Thomas. Also another (we believe) Henry-made “newspaper headline” detailing a pretty major tech advancement. Take a look! “this one is pretty […]

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Musings on the rift

Well here I am, another sleepless night.  I seem to be having a lot of them lately, ever since Vidal and his team made the 3D breakthrough.  I’m not complaining.  Being a new parent means I’m used to functioning on little sleep, and there is just so much to think about these days. Tackling a […]

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Findings: Part 3

Again, similar to previous Findings posts, we’re looking at several images from who we still want to believe is Henry (K-1). A couple articles, a mission report, two headlines, and another medical report document. This is sort of a themed week, as several of these relate to a series of events that happened between 2032 […]

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3D Connection Update + A Very Special Introduction

I thought it was about time we updated our progress on opening up a 3D connection for you to explore. To do so, I’d like to talk about where we are taking the technology, now that we know for certain that we will be able to open an entirely different rift than ever before. I […]

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