3D Connection Update + A Very Special Introduction

I thought it was about time we updated our progress on opening up a 3D connection for you to explore. To do so, I’d like to talk about where we are taking the technology, now that we know for certain that we will be able to open an entirely different rift than ever before. I thought I’d start by introducing the man whom I’ve entrusted to handle the job of turning our recent work into an experience to be “played” by the world – Gregory MacMartin.

Gregory and his team have been doing what I used to do, before building iDGi-1 and taking this journey into the unknown, for many years now. They are video game developers and have been working closely with Thrie and later David Schelter, for over a year now – in the hopes of turning what we are currently developing with iDGi-1 into a commercially viable product that people can enjoy all over the world.

Boil it all down? They want to do what I originally wanted to do with this project, and that is to build a 3D video game out of our trips through the rift. The difference is where I wanted to make a “normal game” based on the things we learned from the other side – Gregory’s team is working to port the iDGi-1 quantum stream into 3D with a modern game engine.

I intend to continue focussing on improving the core functionality of the iDGi-1 device itself, which is a job for a lifetime. Our 2D exploration of the other side will continue, unabated.

Ladies and gentleman, Gregory MacMartin:

Hello everyone,

Over the past few months, since Vidal and Schelter’s breakthrough, we’ve realized that it is indeed possible to visualize the alternate universe on the other side of the rift and to do so outside of Henry (K-1). To make the visual connection possible on our end, my team and I have opted to using the most reliable in 3D game engines. After much deliberation it was decided that the SOURCE game engine was the best tool at our disposal for visualizing the world and the people on the other side of the rift.

We’ve recently learned that this new connection will take us beyond Henry and into the brain of a single, highly specialized human being – we’ll be able to take full control of this person, even speak for them. Who is this person and/or why is he or she so important? We honestly have no idea, but all roads led to a single human being as being the “host” to our new connection method. We have made a few tests of the system, and while it is chock full of errors and bugs, it is promising! We know that this connection method is something that is deeply rooted into Henry’s construction and subconscious. In my opinion, he was built, in part, to do what we are attempting. Our recent “micro-jumps” through the rift have resulted in not only what Vidal has released through this blog, but also huge amounts of information that we’ve been using to continually re-calibrate the satellite. All the answers were there, in Henry’s psyche, waiting for us to put together. We believe that some part of Henry has always known this was coming, since the instant he was born, and has been waiting patiently for us to figure it all out and make this connection.

So the end result, from the point of view of the general public – gamers and physics enthusiasts alike – is that eventually connecting to the iDGi-1 satellite and opening a new rift will literally mean jumping into an effectively “custom” universe and being able to interact with people and things over there, all through your iDGi-1 connected computer. And I must say this again to be absolutely clear: With this new connection method, you will no longer be limited to the confines of Henry’s (K-1) mind.

Myself and other game industry veterans here at iDGi-1 have been working to apply everything we know about making videogames – controlling complex systems and enabling users to explore and interact with virtual 3D spaces with controls such as keyboards and mice – into the iDGi-1 quantum control scheme, so that using the satellite’s interdimensional abilities will essentially feel much like playing a 1st person controlled videogame. This is taking time and considerable resources, but we’re getting there!

Vidal is hoping, within the next month or so, to have the satellite calibrated to a degree that our tests will finally result in a stable quantum connection, resulting in effectively visualizing the world beyond the rift. I’m asking everyone to keep their fingers crossed for us! This is probably the biggest step iDGi has taken when it comes to our forays through the rift.

I’ll leave it at that for now – thanks everyone for reading this, and I’ll see you on the other side!

Gregory MacMartin

I suppose that’s all for this post. If you have any questions or anything for myself OR Gregory, please direct them through my email: vdesertch@interdimensionalgames.com and I’ll make sure it gets to the proper recipient.

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