Findings: Part 3

Again, similar to previous Findings posts, we’re looking at several images from who we still want to believe is Henry (K-1). A couple articles, a mission report, two headlines, and another medical report document. This is sort of a themed week, as several of these relate to a series of events that happened between 2032 and 2035 – the banning, collection, and destruction of ‘most’ the world’s WMDs.

“news article about a ‘global clean up program’ set upon by a Global Senate and the Consortium, to gather up and destroy the world’s stockpiles of WMDs”

“a newspaper headline from 2031 speaking about the first baby born on the moon colony”

“a newspaper headline from 2032 related to the first article posted above; the banning of the world’s WMDs by the Global Senate”

“a medical report on Jane Khullman; like the other ones we’ve seen, she is one of the twenty-one human brains connected to the K-1 machine”

“another mission report; this one done by a rough sounding Knight, Knight 11. Dated in 2034 and relates to a mission in Pakistan to acquire their WMDs for the global cleanup program”

“an article from only seven years in our future; details what we can only assume is a major conflict which occurred between a faction called the Middle Eastern Alliance and the United States”

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