Peak Experience

Hi everyone!  Gregory here.  So Autumn is upon us, the weather’s cooling down, my little girl is sleeping through the night now (most of the time!), and progress is ramping up for us in a big way.  I’m mystified by what we’ve been able to accomplish in such a short period of time since realizing the 3D potential.  Our understanding of this alternate dimension is growing daily by leaps and bounds, and it has left no member of our team untouched by its transformative qualities.

Besides the obvious implications of interdimensional travel, what is it about the way we’ve decided to approach this new connection that makes it such a vastly different endeavour than anything before it?  I’ve been contemplating this matter as we move forward, and I think I’ve found a way to articulate the way myself and my team have come to feel towards the rift.

We’ve discussed what we can learn about the other side, but what about what we can learn about ourselves?  I honestly believe there is something inherently beautiful about connecting through the rift.  And now, the fact that we will soon be able to join with the mind of another human being —spanning entire dimensions of existence— proves that we are more than just the sum of our parts.  Indeed, we are mere pieces of a much larger, complex mosaic.  I hope that when given enough time through the rift, we can learn more about this mosaic and how the pieces fit together.

I want to believe that gaining access to the body and mind of this unique individual from their world, will be a wholly transcendental experience.  When we enter the rift and first make this connection, ego should immediately dissolve and we should become acutely aware of our harmony with the rest of the Multiverse.  It should carry a sensation of pure happiness and well-being.  The entire concept of seeing through the eyes of somebody else, to see their pains, their struggles —and then to have the capability to help them achieve the greatness they were destined for— leaves me breathless with excitement.

I look forward to soon being able to show you all what this connection has to offer.  Stay tuned because the future is closer than you think!

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