Findings: Part 5

I’m a day late with this week’s findings post – mostly because our people were working through the night to piece together the “CEAR” image below. I wanted to ensure it was apart of this release. Along with that, we have a two more headlines and also another medical document + surveillance document.

“similar to the Freefall Suit from our first findings post, this appears to be a detailed spec/timeline for a weapon called the Consortium Energy Assault Rifle”

“a simple news article about the initial formation of the Consortium”

“another one of the 21-brain medical documents, this time for a Jakob Lichti”

“a news article detailing revolutionary sounding technology out of Japan; food cloning”

“another creepy surveillance document on one of the 21 brains connected to K-1; this time for a Magdalena Liska. This woman was one of the stranger set of memories we received through the Greenberg Device”

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