Findings: Part 7

I have some more deciphered images for you today; including another article about Susan Lensworth, a peace activist we now know was killed only a few years after today’s article. Also including another interesting mission report by Knight 18 which makes two reports from this person now.

For some unknown reason, someones NAME has been intentionally removed from the mission report. This happened on their end and was NOT our doing. It came to us exactly as you see it.

“headline image about the formation of the “Global Senate,” which looks to be a re-imagining of the current United Nations”

“a mission report, written by Knight 18. It speaks about a Canadian conflict this Knight 18 helped mediate, from 2038”

“a headline article about the Global Senate collecting and disposing of 90% of the world’s weapons of mass destruction – a previous findings post actually saw this article in its entirety”

“another news article about this Susan Lensworth woman, back in 2014. This is several years before her death and details a rather insane rally she headed with her group, The Gentle Doves. Where this woman fits into things is completely unknown at this point”

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