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It’s been nearly three years since we first stepped through the rift and began unraveling the mystery behind the other side. Up and until yesterday we have only ever been able to interface with the A.I. known as Henry, or K-1. We have only been shown what he (or our Guardian Church friends) felt inclined to show us. The truth has therefore been so far twisted and hidden behind so many layers of lies and confusion, that it’s become hard for any of us to really understand who we can trust or what we should put our faith behind.

I’ve always believed that we were destined to branch out and to forge our own path through their world, away from the machine or any other bias influence. It was crucial that we found a way to discover our own answers about the Guardian Church and Worldview Industries, Kevin Chard and Malcolm Thomas, Alannah Boyle and her brother Keiran. And to also finally find an answer to the single greatest question we have been asking since this all began: who the hell are the “good guys?”

I am proud to announce that yesterday, November 14th, at exactly 16:45 hours; we took our very first trip into a world outside the confines of the machine. More specifically, I took that trip. I successfully interfaced directly with the neural host on the other side, which we were eventually able to determine is a man known as Bishop Six to those around him. We have been so-far unsuccessful in determining his real name.

One downside to our initial testing, however, is that every time we’ve managed to stabilize the neural nexus long enough to make a trip, the connection has only lasted for up to two minutes at a time. Similar to our recent image downloads from the quantum stream, it seems that an obstacle we’ll have to overcome in the coming months is finding a way to stabilize the connection for longer periods of time.

What does work as planned is the ability for us to control the motor functions of the neural host – of Bishop Six. We can move him about the area and in some cases even make him speak to other people. It seems the dialogue system (as detailed in Greg’s last “Musings” post) still needs a lot of work, though, as most people end up looking at the host like he is insane. Major improvements are needed if we are to successfully “blend in” to their world, and figure out exactly why it is we’re apparently destined to be there.

Lastly, I would like to detail/document the very first trip ever taken through our newly formed rift, using the neural nexus. We’ve actually made over a dozen micro-trips since yesterday and have learned several new things. But for now, and until we have screenshots and things of that nature to show you, let’s stick to talking about “my first time”:

November 15th, 16:45hrs = This trip lasted 38 seconds. I (the host) found myself standing in the hanger bay of an enormous aircraft. The hanger bay itself had several levels of catwalk that I could see onto from where I stood, and no windows anywhere.

Directly above me were two small aircraft of some kind, connected to large cranes, hanging from the ceiling. I was also standing on massive bay doors, doubling as the floor when not opened. I assumed that when the doors were opened the aircraft could then be dropped through the opening and used as fighters or transports or lifeboats or whatever else Something like Star Trek’s shuttle craft, perhaps? Or the puddle jumper from Stargate? (Gate ship 1?) To be honest though, from my vantage point, I could not tell if they were meant for transport or for combat. Nor if they were supposed to be manned or unmanned.

If the plane we were in was actually flying, then it was noticeably very quiet about it. I honestly couldn’t even tell if it was flying or only on some tarmac somewhere. There was certainly no sound of a jet engine blasting away nearby, nor any noticeable turbulence.

There was a man and a woman visible on the upper level of the hanger bay, both dressed in the same spandex-looking blue uniforms – the man had a 4 on his sleeve, the woman a 32 – and they were speaking rather heatedly. I heard the man say something about a Pawn 7, how ‘something was going on’ with him, but I was too far away to hear very much.

Then a woman approached the host who I instantly recognized. It was the same woman from the video we uncovered (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_cY3hCmJNw), the same woman from the alternate timeline who took back control of K-1 after Malcolm Thomas went insane. It was Alannah Boyle, clear as day. The connection began to fail as she approached. The last thing that happened was she frowned and asked the host why he was “making that face.” I assume the unstable connection was causing him to make a face; his muscles were likely out of whack as a side effect of the barely-tested remote motor function control.

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