Findings: Part 8

Here we are again with another Findings post. Below is everything we’ve deciphered from the other side, over the past two weeks. The big one this week is Chapter Two of the Kiril Angelov Expose. Chapter Three was posted a few weeks back (“Findings: Part 6” I believe) and it’s still unclear as to exactly who this man is.

“headline image about the invention of fusion power and how it seems to have been the factor which ended the so-called Resource Wars”

“headline image about the invention of H20 car engines and how, along with fusion power, is helping push the fossil fuel market into a corner”

“a news article about a potential funding scandal in 2039”

“chapter two of an expose on someone named Kiril Angelov; we have not seen this name yet. See “Findings: Part 6″ for chapter three of this same expose”

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