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Findings: Part 9

And we’re back with some more deciphered images from the other side of the rift. It’s been a little over a month since our last findings post, but better late than never! Things are mad busy around here and a lot of our people have been moved to other tasks, mostly to accommodate the work […]

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Solstice Event 2012

Happy Holidays everyone! As with previous years, our connection to the other side increased ten-fold on the Winter Solstice of 2012. At exactly 3:12am (PST) on Friday, December 21st – the precise moment iDGi-1 received an incredibly large power spike through the quantum stream – I entered through the rift and spent a full 7 […]

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12/12/21 is almost upon us….

We have configured iDGi-1 to take full advantage of tonight’s solstice event (3:12 am PST). We hope to learn much more about how to create a fully stable and (hopefully) indefinite quantum connection with Bishop Six….

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We just announced our upcoming 3D foray into the universe beyond the rift via iDGi-1, “CONSORTIUM” 2 weeks ago. With the holiday season we’ve had quite the challenge in getting attention quickly, but here are two very nice articles about us. From Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s “Kickstarter Katchup” “Built in Source, Consortium is a “first-person narrative […]

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Music from the Soule

MUSIC. The language of emotion and imagination. It is one of the cornerstones of storytelling, from the bards of old, to the symphony orchestras behind major motion pictures of today. We recognize this, and we recognize the role that music will play in interactive storytelling as the medium grows from its current state of infancy. […]

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