Challenges and Realizations (+ Kickstarter!)

It’s been nearly two weeks since we activated the neural nexus, allowing iDGi-1 to make its first recorded link with the mind of a person on the other side of the rift.  While I promised my next musings post was to be about the saving/loading scheme we have developed (still to come!)… I have instead opted to discuss a little bit about our recent discoveries and the challenges those discoveries are posing to our company.

While we have managed to take our connection to a whole new level, we still have not found a way to stabilize that connection.  Nothing in what we have received from the other side speaks of a way to manage the rift so that we can send people through for more than a few minutes at a time.  And then there’s the problem of the ‘starting location’ being mostly different places in time/space… a side effect we did not expect.  This is proving to be an extremely difficult (and expensive) endeavour as not only does it require an unbelievable amount of power to be constantly pumped through iDGi-1, but we now believe more people are needed.  We need more people to be sent through the rift, a-lot more.  Every new connection that is made theoretically opens an entirely new dimension or “timeline” in their world… and the more of these dimensions we can open up and traverse, the more iDGi-1 can better the experience for future connections.

Dr. Schelter believes it’s the same as working in a new baseball glove, the glove being our neural host.  The more diverse people we send through the rift and into the neural nexus, the stronger the neural nexus will become… and in turn our connection to the neural host will improve by leaps and bounds.  More connections also means that iDGi-1 will be able to better map the environment we are connecting to and in turn develop a much more detailed and immersive world for us to explore.  Not to mention personality profiles can also be built by iDGi-1, determining the alignments of those we encounter and whether or not they approve of the choices you make in their world.

It didn’t take long before Vidal, David Schelter and I all came to the same conclusion: to make this work, we need support.  And not more government support, nor NASA… we need YOUR support.  This is why we have settled on the wonderful crowd-funding website, Kickstarter, as a good place to reach out and see if any interest exists in helping us take the next step on our journey.

Please CLICK HERE and head over to Kickstarter to see what we’ve managed to cook-up.  All footage (screenshots and video) have been taken from our brief jumps into their world.  What is written in the “Story” section is everything we’ve (mostly YOU’VE) managed to put together from the past three years of exploring their world and history.  You will (obviously) notice that the page is geared toward our experience being a “video game” that we are creating.  To a certain extent this is true, as we believed this was the best way to present ourselves and the experience we have to offer.

An early-bird $10 pledge gets you the coordinates you’ll eventually need to experience the other side (or “play the game”) – and a pledge of $20 or more will get you into the beta-testing phase of development, where we’ll be sending you into their world for several minutes at a time – to a completely different point in time/space – to experience everything you can, discover whatever answers you can, and to relay that information back to us.  We can then plug everything we receive from this beta-testing into iDGi-1 and make the experience that much better from it.  Higher pledge tiers include developer forum and video access… HD wallpapers and printed/signed artwork… a several hundred page iDGi-1 Discoveries document which includes everything we have found so-far in our three-years of explorations, along with full detail and explanations written by Thrie Desertch… t-shirts… a signed copy of the soundtrack by Jeremy Soule… and more.

Lastly, I just wanted to give a very special THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us over the past three years (you know who you are!) and who have quite literally driven the experience forward through thick and thin.  We have learned enough information about their world to fill a hundred full-length novels and this is an incredible feat.  We owe this all to YOU – if it was not for your constant curiosity and tenacity, we would have lost our connection to their world ages ago and iDGi-1 would be another piece of scrap metal floating around up there in orbit.

Kudos to you all, we certainly could not have done it without you…

Greg MacMartin & Vidal Desertch

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