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We’ve often been asked about the look of CONSORTIUM, and where it came from. Quite simply, it is the best representation of the universe beyond the Rift that iDGi-1 is able to muster at this point. In the words of Jason Zayas, our Quantum Visual Interpreter (or Art Director, if you wish):

“The current version of the art style is at 80%. The last 20% is getting the cartoon-like real-time lighting and ambient occlusion working.

The art direction is based on what IDGI-1 can handle streaming back to your desktop from another dimension. The AI that allows for the streaming takes in account all the details in the world and figures out what is really necessary for the seeker/player. Not only does the AI take in account the polygon count, but also deals with the color details. Since the uniforms and stylings of the Consortium and Zenlil are similar the AI created a simple 16 color palette for each. The faces of humans need just enough detail to allow the seeker/player to distinguish between individuals. When other areas and individuals are added to the view of the seeker/player the AI determines if a new color value is needed to be added to the limited palette. Over time this technology will get faster and more details will be visible. The current real-time tech of iDGI-1 is similar to the second generation of real-time 3D consoles from Sony and Nintendo with a slightly more advanced feel.”

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