Unexpected ‘upgrade’ to the Henry interface!

I’ve got some good news for those of you who are upset that we’ve been unable to re-connect to Henry back in 2028 (our “2D connection”). The problems surrounding this have not yet been resolved – we still have no idea who was responsible for kidnapping our team member and sabotaging our coordinate configuration device – BUT it seems that maybe Henry has helped us out a little bit. While we still can’t establish a new connection, it seems as though our OLD connection has been updated! The final “time jump,” while on the Henry-created desktop screen, takes you to an automated BOT. This BOT was apparently created by Henry and for the past several months it has been largely under construction. It held very basic replies to anything asked of it, such as, “I am but a stupid question bot – please allow time for my master to upgrade my systems with more information!”

Because we were stuck on this particular day, the BOT was never able to update and has been this way for a long time. Late last night, however, iDGi-1 picked up numerous, very strange anomalies within the quantum stream related to our 2D forays. Something has changed; the configuration necessary for the very last time jump was altered ever so slightly. It took us some time before we realized that it was the BOT – it looks as though it’s been massively upgraded.

I spent the better part of the last 3 or 4 hours playing with it and I was surprised by how much it knew, and how much fun I was having! I highly encourage anyone far enough into the experience (you’ll find the BOT around the 93-99% mark on the Progress Bar) – to check it out! From what I could tell, the BOT is still in its infancy and will continue to LEARN from any/all comments/questions put before it. So even if it can’t answer something asked of it right away, it looks like Henry IS tracking our questions and will continually update the system to ensure it keeps up to date.

Lastly, I should mention that we have another “Findings” post coming up soon (I know it’s late!). Most of our decoding team have shifted duties to accommodate the Kickstartercampaign, and so the process of decoding the files has slowed down significantly. Please be patient and the instant we have enough images to make a post with, we will!

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