We just announced our upcoming 3D foray into the universe beyond the rift via iDGi-1, “CONSORTIUM” 2 weeks ago. With the holiday season we’ve had quite the challenge in getting attention quickly, but here are two very nice articles about us.

From Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s “Kickstarter Katchup”

“Built in Source, Consortium is a “first-person narrative RPG”, which looks for all the world like a fully fleshed out, complex and involved adventure that takes something akin to the crew interactions and relationships of Mass Effect and runs with them all the way to the next galaxy.”


“An experienced team, a superb concept and a great deal of development progress – where have all the backers been?”

and From TechVibes

“Unusually, its version of the future is utopic: many of the problems that face us in the here and now, like pollution and over-population, have been resolved. The drama of the game instead comes from character interactions, the consequences of the decisions you make, and the fact that the game’s plot is a good old-fashioned mystery.”

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