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The language of emotion and imagination.

It is one of the cornerstones of storytelling, from the bards of old, to the symphony orchestras behind major motion pictures of today. We recognize this, and we recognize the role that music will play in interactive storytelling as the medium grows from its current state of infancy.

In most games, music is an afterthought. Something which is created and produced, often separately from the game production. With such evocative titles as “Battle music,” “Exploration music,” etc., it is often placed into the game piecemeal by somebody (not the composer!), wherever it happens to “sound good.”

Jeremy Soule has always approached his games with a keen eye, and a steady determination to advance the role that music plays. His scores are spellbinding, embodying the spirit of whatever work he is contributing to, and his standards are impeccable.

We are approaching the score of CONSORTIUM in much the same way one would a film. The non-linear and branching nature of the game means that players will experience the story in their own way, from their perspective. Jeremy’s music will always be there, complimenting what you’re doing, playing with your emotions. There will be musical foreshadowing and powerful thematic moments that will help you to interpret the events and unravel the mystery. The music will have meaning within the context of the narrative itself, in precisely the same way that the dialogue contributes to the narrative.

Here are a few quick samples of some of Jeremy’s work in the past:

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