Solstice Event 2012

Happy Holidays everyone!

As with previous years, our connection to the other side increased ten-fold on the Winter Solstice of 2012. At exactly 3:12am (PST) on Friday, December 21st – the precise moment iDGi-1 received an incredibly large power spike through the quantum stream – I entered through the rift and spent a full 7 minutes on the other side. This is a full 4 minutes longer than any other connection to date.

I did my best to experience as much of their world as I could in the 7 minutes time, and I ended up speaking with several different people (their names we have discovered through previous trips): Carla Croft (Pawn 19), Gary Ma (Pawn 1), David Benedict (Pawn 12), Alannah Boyle (Rook 25), Taryn Fisher (Knight 15), and Wade Harris (Rook 9).

This section of time appears to be shortly after Bishop Six (the ‘neural host’) has boarded Zenlil for the first time. He is still being welcomed by the crew and tensions are at a minimum. As far as we can tell from the timeline we’ve managed to so-far put together, this could be considered “near the beginning of the experience.”

The conversations themselves are still lower-level iDGi-1 functionality; meaning iDGi-1 is still learning to formulate potential replies to use and these could therefor change dramatically by the time we let the public connect. Also, you’ll notice several glitches in the way iDGi-1 processes and currently displays their world. Let me describe some of these:

It looks like when I first connected, iDGi-1 had trouble catching up and so the Bishop appears frozen to the spot while Rook 25 gets upset that he’s not listening.

Periodic static; this is simply due to a power level issue we’re still trying to resolve with iDGi-1.

People’s facial features and expressions are sometimes not properly read by the satellite and are subsequently not processed correctly by our game engine. The satellite needs time to build personality profiles on everyone encountered; allowing it to better predict and mimic their expressions and moods.

Sudden/brief jumps in time; this is nothing new and has plagued our trips since the beginning. We are still working on a fix for this problem.

So without further adieu, here is my Solstice 2012 trip through the rift:

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