Findings: Part 9

And we’re back with some more deciphered images from the other side of the rift. It’s been a little over a month since our last findings post, but better late than never! Things are mad busy around here and a lot of our people have been moved to other tasks, mostly to accommodate the work on our 3D forays through the rift.

The biggest image of note is the mission report from 2037, written by Knight 15. We now know that Knight 15 is the “boss” of Bishop 6 (the Neural Host we are connecting to) in 2042, and her real name is Taryn Fisher. She is one of the people we have met and spoken to several times and is also the woman who gave me the “Consortium Mind Communicator” in the 7-minute Winter Solstice trip I made (see video HERE). The report also mentions Rook 25 (Alannah Boyle), Rook 3 (James Lensworth – son of Susan Lensworth), and Bishop 8. Bishop 8 we know is the predecessor of Bishop 6 and used to work under Knight 15 until some kind of incident in late 2042 forced him into retirement.

“headline image speaking of the fusion power breakthrough their world made in the early 2020s; effectively helping end the ‘Resource Wars'”

“a mission report dated June 21st, 2037, written by Knight 15. This report details the first orbit mission of the C-3800 aircraft, codenamed ‘Zenlil'”

“a headline article from 2037 about the signing of the Global Peace Act”

“a news article about ‘Rook 1’ (although this is quite a few years before the Consortium was even formed). This Rook 1 is someone we spoke to Alvarez about over a year ago on our forums but we did not learn very much at the time”

“a news article about a man named Wade Harris. Thanks to our 3D forays into their world, we know that Wade Harris is actually Rook 9 – the captain of Zenlil”

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