Findings: Part 10

Download ALL Finding’s images to date (Parts 1-10): HERE

Here are the latest findings from the other side. These images have been pulled from the quantum stream and then deciphered to the best of our ability.

We have something new for you today. A very interesting message (or blog post?) written by someone calling themselves “1221” – based on what this person has written, we can only assume there will be more of these coming. What makes this so unique is the fact it speaks against Worldview Industries. This could mean it’s coming from someone other than Henry… is it Malcolm?

“as explained above; a message from someone calling themselves 1221; you have to read it to believe it”

“a news article detailing the murder of one Petar Batchev; who we know is the author of the Kiril Angelov Expose we received the 2nd and 3rd parts to… could Angelov have hired this assassin?”

“a headline article from 2030 about the phasing out of physical currency”

“A technology news article from 2023, related to some form of ‘matter-to-energy converter’ developed by Worldview Industries”

“another technology news article about three deep-space satellite being sent toward three planets in the Alpha-2 system; the planets were originally discovered by Schelter-owned Omega Observatory”

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