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Do we live in the Matrix?

Check out this fascinating Discovery article about the possibility that our universe is just an elaborate simulation. While working to enhance and focus iDGi-1’s abilities over the past few years, this possibility has occurred to us more than once. Quantum physics represents a remarkable way of perceiving reality, and the way we’ve been harnessing these […]

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Winter Solstice 2013…

Hello everyone, Winter solstice is upon us once again, Christmas and New Years are only just around the corner, and as-per usual this has meant a significant increase in the pliability of the quantum stream. Every year on the solstice, and for one full day only, iDGi-1 has been capable of perceiving the other side […]

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Consortium is about to be released….

Hi everyone! We have admittedly neglected our site as we’ve all been extremely busy getting CONSORTIUM ready for world-wide release. Stay tuned for announcements very soon. Consortium is coming sooner than you think…. 🙂 Here’s some stuff we haven’t posted about here but we should have! Consortium is coming to STEAM The fine folks at […]

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