Master Edition Cometh April 29th

It has been four months since we first opened iDGi-1’s primary function to the public, and since then we have been working hard on upgrading the connection to a much greater fidelity. There were many inherent issues which caused problems for travellers at first, but now we are finally proud and ready to announce the definitive version of the CONSORTIUM experience, the Master Edition. We would like to especially ask anyone who may have previously enjoyed CONSORTIUM, but found there to be too many “bugs,” to head on back for another round. You won’t be disappointed.

So, what better way to announce such a thing… then a press release – as written by our good friend and P.R. extraordinaire, William Dunbar:

Vancouver, B.C., Canada – Four months after its initial release, independent developer Interdimensional Games are set to launch the Master Edition of their title, CONSORTIUM, on April 29th. This heavily updated Master Edition will not only be on sale at 40% off for 48 hours, but will also include it’s 70min .MP3 soundtrack by award winning composer Jeremy Soule, and an in-game 140 page document and media package, “iDGi-1 Discoveries,” fully detailing iDGi’s forays through the rift. Everybody who already owns CONSORTIUM will be updated to the Master Edition at no extra cost. CONSORTIUM will also be launching for the first time on, Humble Bundle Store, and Amazon.

After an admittedly rocky release (best detailed here:, iDGi have since returned to the grindstone to create what they are calling the definitive edition of their heavily story based, science-fiction, first-person, role-playing interdimensional experience. Here is a direct quote from C.E.O. Gregory MacMartin:

“This Master Edition was made possible thanks to the many players who were incredible enough to report their criticisms over the past four months. We have fixed hundreds of bugs, improved performance ten-fold, polished and improved the use of music, sound effects and lighting, redesigned combat after extensive feedback, and spent weeks on choreography polish. This is quite simply the definitive version of CONSORTIUM.”

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