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Hello Seekers,

We’re very nearly there… our crowdfunding pitch is coming into the final stages, and we’re more excited than ever to share it with you. It’s become a much bigger project than we originally anticipated, but rest assured we are finally nearing the finish line.

But this post isn’t about the upcoming campaign, and instead I’d like to reply to a couple messages I’ve received over the past month or so. I apologize to the authors of these for such a long delay, but time hasn’t exactly been my friend as of late. Both of these messages are related to my previous blog post about our removal of the “safety fail-safe” the King implemented into his schematics for the upgrades to iDGi-1. If you have not read that post yet, you may want to do so before continuing.

First, I want to start with an email I received about a week after my last post. This is actually one of three similar such messages I received on this topic, but this one is without a doubt the strongest example.



Sir, this has gone far enough. You are talking about allowing everyday citizens of our world the chance to slaughter even more innocent people with no repercussions.


For years you have sold this Consortium product – feeding off the people to fund your human guinea pig science experiment. You sell it on sale, on “gaming bundles,” and anywhere you can to make a buck off what amounts to potential human misery. You allow people to run amok inside another world. Act nuts. Kill people. Whatever they want because you wish to study all possible outcomes.

Excuse me, but that’s sick. You are sick. And the worst part of all? The Canadian government condones your activities. They support you. And now you are telling us that for your next “game” you want to turn off what seems like a pretty important safety feature. Is that about right? A safety feature to prevent “users” from losing their minds in this other world you’ve put them in. A world we barely understand, and one that has to this day manipulated us at every turn.

You tell us, “Here, have some high tech weaponry and do whatever you want with it!” You say this, and some people will turn into Rambo. Bodies will mount. It is inevitable. How can you let that happen when we barely understand what any of it means? The rift itself, the tower, the people trying to stop us. Or are they testing us? We are getting screwed around with, and you want to see how far to push it?

I say No. You should not be allowed to do that. You are planning to commit an act of mass murder, and I for one will support any effort I can find to stop you.

Have a nice day.


In response to this email I can only reiterate and expand upon what I already said in my previous post: the entire purpose of this experiment is to explore all possibilities, and from as many angles as we can. We are simply giving you the means of exploring their world, and by limiting those means we would be doing our entire world a disservice. From everything we understand, the future of our own world could very well be directly linked to our actions in theirs. Meaning we must not stop, and we must not be deterred by an artificial “fail-safe” setup by one particular faction that has the potential of being our enemy.

I am a firm believer that the King is not telling us everything we need to know. Some of the employees working under me disagree with this decision – including my own brother – but we can at least all agree that there’s not enough evidence to blindly follow the King. At the very least there is more going on then what he wants us to believe, and if we allow this fail-safe to exist then we, iDGi, would be severely pigeonholing access to their world. We would be forcing you, the user, down a single path etched out by a dangerous artificial intelligence.

We don’t expect everyone to agree with this decision, but at the same time we cannot be blamed if a user of our service decides to abuse it. To say that this is akin to planning an act of mass murder is ludicrous. The whole “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” argument definitely applies here. We would like to hope that users have enough humanity (or common sense?!) to understand that you are playing with real lives, and real deaths.

The second message I would like to respond to we received over Twitter a few weeks back.


Without a M.U.V.I., what is getting sent to us over that stream? Since the stream comes through K-1, how does K-1 reach B6 without it?


This is actually a really good question, and I apologize if I was not clear enough on the subject in my last post. The answer is actually fairly simple: The King’s connection to Bishop Six has nothing to do with his M.U.V.I. The King attempted to put this fail-safe into the designs he sent us for the iDGi-1 upgrades. He slipped it in there and likely hoped we would not even notice until we’d already upgraded the satellite and it was too late (or too expensive) to go back. Basically it would have acted as a check system whereby iDGi-1 would periodically check to ensure whether or not Bishop Six’s M.U.V.I. was active. Upon discovering it inactive, the connection would be killed. Simple as that.

Now… if not through the M.U.V.I., then how does the King send our signal into the mind of Bishop Six? This is also a great question, and is one that we have been asking ourselves since this all began. We have theories, but nothing clear-cut. We know that Bishop Six is unique in their world, and that something about his physiology inherently exists to accept the King’s signal. Was he born this way, or was there an external source responsible for changing him? We just don’t know.

What we do know, and this has come to us through various bits and pieces of information gathered from the other side, is that Bishop Six is not the only one with this unique “ability.” At first we believed he was one of a kind because that’s what the King specifically told us… but we have since discovered that he may have lied to us. There is a distinct possibility that *all* of the Bishops in their world are actually conduits for different parallel worlds to manipulate. Our world may have access to Bishop Six, but another may have access to Bishop One, or Bishop Eight, and so on.

This is technically unsubstantiated, but we believe that the King is in contact with countless worlds like ours. That is to say any other world that has discovered the negative energy packets in orbit and have subsequently built some sort of device to harness them (in our case the iDGi-1 satellite, but perhaps other worlds have other methods?). What this means is that the King chooses worlds to specifically fit the required personalities and duties of all his Bishops. We do not yet know why our world was chosen for Bishop Six, but we intend to eventually find out.

I think I’ve gone a little off topic here, but I suppose the point is that the people behind the Bishop moniker are all as unique as Bishop Six… but the fact remains that Bishop Six is the most important of them all, and so in-turn are we to believe that our world is equally the most important of them all?

I guess only time will tell.

If anyone has any other questions about anything, feel free to contact me!

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