Interdimensional Games (iDGi), makers of the 2014 first-person sci-fi immersive simulation CONSORTIUM, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a direct sequel, Consortium: The Tower.

The Tower is a new, single-player first-person science fiction immersive simulation created using the Unreal 4 Engine, and is set within the confines of a massive tower looming over Central London.

“In all my twenty-one years of game-making, I’ve never been more excited about the possibility of making a video-game than I am about The Tower,” says Gregory MacMartin, CEO of Interdimensional Games. “It is quite literally an embodiment of the ultimate dream game I’ve always wanted to make. The creation of the original CONSORTIUM laid the groundwork for this, and we can only hope that enough gamers out there want us to make it!”

Interdimensional Games is looking to raise $450K CDN (approximately $320K US.) to Kickstart the production of their project.

For logos and screenshots and concept art, the archive HERE has what you need!

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