Our Company

In Brief:
Interdimensional Games Incorporated (iDGi) is an association of self-driven and talented individuals who are collectively working together to push the boundaries of interactive, narrative driven, single player entertainment.

Story telling is a pastime that we have been obsessed with for our entire existence as a species. While books, theater and speech have been the dominant form of story telling throughout most of history, the early 20th Century brought us film. Through film we have been able to weave complex and emotional stories that enable us to visualize any setting in the world, in any time period, to effectively immerse and engage people in ways never before possible. Television followed, through which story driven episodic “television shows” have facilitated the forging of some of the most epic stories ever told.

The 21st Century will be the century of digitally distributed interactive entertainment. Like the invention of films, interactive entertainment is an entirely new medium, and we are beginning to realize the limitless possibilities for story telling that exist through this medium.

iDGi is exploring these possibilities through the creation of iDGi-1: an artificial satellite 400,000 kms from the surface of the earth that is capable of allowing users to travel into an alternate dimension.

Through iDGi-1, we are enabling users to discover and explore their own universes amongst the infinite number thought to exist. We are working hard to perfect this technology, and believe we have barely begun to scratch the surface of what is possible…

Our world’s economy increasingly relies upon unsustainable and rapidly dwindling natural resources to exist. The sheer number of human beings on this planet is pushing the ability for Earth to sustain us to the absolute limit.

Through the power of interactive entertainment, iDGi’s ultimate goal is nothing less than to contribute to changing the world for the better. We strive to inspire people to imagine the real possibility of a better future; to actively create hope that we humans are capable of evolving beyond our self-destructive nature.