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    Web Update – v1.1

    We hope you are enjoying the experience so far! We have just implemented a new feature into “iDGi-1”, via the main Interdimensional Games website.  At the top right, next to the “captured events” button, we added a new “Clear History” button.   This effectively restarts your experience from the beginning, allowing you to play through the […]

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    Web Update – v1.02

    Since one of our goals with iDGi’s online presence is to make the site unique to every visitor, we’ve implemented state checking and setting into iDGi-1. This works sort of just like checkpoints in a game. Now, and for our major future releases, iDGi-1 will remember your progress…

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    Then VS. Now… An Extensive Rant About Today

    As a gamer I often wonder why the oldies were so much more clever and addictive than the new titles on the market today, when games where innovative and designers and developers had to rely on their creative cunning, and story to present their world, not just on the latest graphics capabilities. Remember when you […]

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    First web update – v1.01

    Rocking on with the new online presence our crack commando web team has a new update: Exterminated a number of bugs and state issues with the solar system (specifically the moon) Incorporated event tracking so if you click on the moon after you’ve triggered the phenomena you can jump right back into the alternate dimension […]

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