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Thoughts on the development of iDGi-1s 3D capabilities and “CONSORTIUM” from our lead game designer.

A special note for everyone who has purchased (or is considering purchasing) CONSORTIUM…

Hello everyone, I thought it was best I write this note directly, as a follow-up to the Announcement we made just after launch (see here ). The past month or so has been an utter blur of 12+ hour days and 7 days/week, for most of our small team… and we’re still here, we’re still […]

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Winter Solstice 2013…

Hello everyone, Winter solstice is upon us once again, Christmas and New Years are only just around the corner, and as-per usual this has meant a significant increase in the pliability of the quantum stream. Every year on the solstice, and for one full day only, iDGi-1 has been capable of perceiving the other side […]

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Challenges and Realizations (+ Kickstarter!)

It’s been nearly two weeks since we activated the neural nexus, allowing iDGi-1 to make its first recorded link with the mind of a person on the other side of the rift.  While I promised my next musings post was to be about the saving/loading scheme we have developed (still to come!)… I have instead […]

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Communicating through the rift

Hello Hello! We are quickly approaching the finish line to our latest iDGi-1 upgrade, and I thought that maybe it was time I started talking about the control scheme we are building using the Source engine.  As I stated in a previous post, we are using the Source game engine in order to properly display […]

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Peak Experience

Hi everyone!  Gregory here.  So Autumn is upon us, the weather’s cooling down, my little girl is sleeping through the night now (most of the time!), and progress is ramping up for us in a big way.  I’m mystified by what we’ve been able to accomplish in such a short period of time since realizing […]

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