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After discovering a new way of connecting to the other world, for only a few seconds at a time, we began receiving highly scrambled data. Here we will post everything we’ve managed to decrypt, on a bi-weekly basis.

Download Findings Part 1-10: HERE

Findings: Part 10

Download ALL Finding’s images to date (Parts 1-10): HERE Here are the latest findings from the other side. These images have been pulled from the quantum stream and then deciphered to the best of our ability. We have something new for you today. A very interesting message (or blog post?) written by someone calling themselves […]

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Findings: Part 9

And we’re back with some more deciphered images from the other side of the rift. It’s been a little over a month since our last findings post, but better late than never! Things are mad busy around here and a lot of our people have been moved to other tasks, mostly to accommodate the work […]

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Findings: Part 8

Here we are again with another Findings post. Below is everything we’ve deciphered from the other side, over the past two weeks. The big one this week is Chapter Two of the Kiril Angelov Expose. Chapter Three was posted a few weeks back (“Findings: Part 6” I believe) and it’s still unclear as to exactly […]

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Findings: Part 7

I have some more deciphered images for you today; including another article about Susan Lensworth, a peace activist we now know was killed only a few years after today’s article. Also including another interesting mission report by Knight 18 which makes two reports from this person now. For some unknown reason, someones NAME has been […]

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Findings: Part 6

Hello again, I have some more deciphered images for you tonight; another smaller batch, including an article on someone named Kiril Angelov. We have not heard this name before but it’s clear that someone wants us to know about him. Another thing to point out is the date on the Europa colony headline – October […]

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