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iDGi-1 Discoveries and breakthroughs from the inventor of the satellite: Vidal Desertch ( )

Approaching the abyss in awe…

Hello everyone, It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted here, and you have my apologies for that. Know that we’ve all been working tirelessly since the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign and progress is coming along extremely well. Beta testing is currently helping us squash out any anomalies in the system and we’re nearly […]

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12/12/21 is almost upon us….

We have configured iDGi-1 to take full advantage of tonight’s solstice event (3:12 am PST). We hope to learn much more about how to create a fully stable and (hopefully) indefinite quantum connection with Bishop Six….

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Unexpected ‘upgrade’ to the Henry interface!

I’ve got some good news for those of you who are upset that we’ve been unable to re-connect to Henry back in 2028 (our “2D connection”). The problems surrounding this have not yet been resolved – we still have no idea who was responsible for kidnapping our team member and sabotaging our coordinate configuration device […]

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Challenges and Realizations (+ Kickstarter!)

It’s been nearly two weeks since we activated the neural nexus, allowing iDGi-1 to make its first recorded link with the mind of a person on the other side of the rift.  While I promised my next musings post was to be about the saving/loading scheme we have developed (still to come!)… I have instead […]

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3D connection established!

It’s been nearly three years since we first stepped through the rift and began unraveling the mystery behind the other side. Up and until yesterday we have only ever been able to interface with the A.I. known as Henry, or K-1. We have only been shown what he (or our Guardian Church friends) felt inclined […]

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