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iDGi-1 Discoveries and breakthroughs from the inventor of the satellite: Vidal Desertch ( )

3D Connection Update + A Very Special Introduction

I thought it was about time we updated our progress on opening up a 3D connection for you to explore. To do so, I’d like to talk about where we are taking the technology, now that we know for certain that we will be able to open an entirely different rift than ever before. I […]

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We are (mostly) back!

Hello everyone, I apologize for my rather long hiatus, but unfortunately we here at iDGi had very little choice in the matter. For over three months now and just officially ending two days ago, we have been on a Government sectioned lock-down. Any and all information regarding the events I’m about to describe to you […]

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We’ve had our hands tied…

Greetings Seekers and other interested parties, We’re still here, and we’re still working very hard on the next version of the iDGi-1 interface, which is shaping up to be a quantum leap beyond what we’ve been able to do so far. Quite a bit has happened with our satellite since the holidays, and we’ve been […]

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Can’t Find Lat/Long Coordinates For

I’ve been getting MANY emails from folks who have made their way to, and then realized they don’t have the required 21 lat/long coordinates to use the upgraded dialer! I thought I’d post instructions here to help anyone else having the same problem… Step One: Ensure you have completed the first part of the […]

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What is that video about?

If you’ve just seen a video on that they refer to as a “Mystery Game”, then you’ve come to the right place. First off, in an attempt to extinguish any confusion, what you saw in the video represents the first 3D connection we’ve made with an alternate universe that our satellite, iDGi-1 is capable […]

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