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360 degree view of the cosmos from the vantage point of our little planet

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Got Soul?

…it is entirely possible for a game to be very fun, addictive and entertaining, but still have no soul. Those three components can be *engineered*.


Communication, exploration and electricity…

As far as news sites go, the Daily Grail is among my favorites.  They regularly find and post some amazing and thought provoking stuff.  So, without further ado, I shall pay homage to their format and post a few links I’ve discovered, centered around some iDGi themes … Among other applications, this device could be […]

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Singleplayer Vs. Multiplayer

I came across a forum post about a week ago where the initial poster was saying that “today’s generation of young gamers are scary.”  He didn’t understand it when he was told by kids that “SP is boring in games, it is all about the MP.”  It’s truly unfortunate that this is becoming more and […]

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World Builder

When will THIS tool become a reality?

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