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All posts related to old / early development of iDGi-1’s interdimensional abilities, started from when we came online – January 1st, 2010.

Reconnection is near…

Greetings everyone! We are overjoyed and excited to tell you all that the we are very close to being able to once again open the Rift and reconnect with the other side, beyond March 1st, 2028.  We believe that the final bits of information we need are retrievable through the Greenburg Device. For those of […]

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A brief update…

We are working furiously towards several major milestones for the company, with some recent breakthroughs spurring us on!

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Connection problems…

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that for various reasons, we don’t believe we are currently able to explore beyond the Rift past March 1st, 2028.   The biggest reason has to do our current connection method simply not functioning beyond that date.  We’re not sure why, but we will be working […]

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Web Update – v1.1

We hope you are enjoying the experience so far! We have just implemented a new feature into “iDGi-1”, via the main Interdimensional Games website.  At the top right, next to the “captured events” button, we added a new “Clear History” button.   This effectively restarts your experience from the beginning, allowing you to play through the […]

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Web Update – v1.02

Since one of our goals with iDGi’s online presence is to make the site unique to every visitor, we’ve implemented state checking and setting into iDGi-1. This works sort of just like checkpoints in a game. Now, and for our major future releases, iDGi-1 will remember your progress…

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