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Huge interview with Gregory on OnlySP

The Tower is ambitious, and built with real passion to reclaim a genre of gaming that many have an appetite for, but which is rarely sated.

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CONSORTIUM: The Tower – Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Expanding the current IP, The Tower Prophecy is a new first-person science fiction interactive narrative RPG created using the Unreal 4 Engine and set within the confines of a massive tower looming over Central London.

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The Tower preview at PCGamesN

Jeremy Peel at PCGamesN recently interviewed Gregory and then wrote this article based on their conversation. Includes a new piece of concept art for the game!

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The Escapist interviews Gregory and Steve!

Check out this interview with Steve and Gregory about CONSORTIUM: The Tower Prophecy, on The Escapist! Includes never-before-seen concept art…

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Winter Solstice 2014 and The Tower

Hello Seekers, It has been a long time since I last made a post here, and I thought it was about time I came out from hibernation to let everyone know what’s been going on. The iDGi team and I have been working tirelessly in our efforts to return to the CONSORTIUM world; I have not […]

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