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Lots of recent CONSORTIUM news and information to share! We are now on STEAM GREENLIGHT!  New CONSORTIUM screenshots can be found there as well… Please come and vote for us! CONSORTIUM Video Update #1:   A living, breathing open world… CONSORTIUM Video Update #2:  The iDGi Mandate CONSORTIUM Character Update #1:  Pawn 32 and Pawn […]

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Findings: Part 11

Here are the latest findings from the other side. These images have been pulled from the quantum stream and then deciphered to the best of our ability. Download Findings Part 1-10: HERE Download THIS Findings post: HERE “a second post from someone calling themselves 1221; this time he speaks out against Worldview and the Church… […]

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Solstice Event 2012

Happy Holidays everyone! As with previous years, our connection to the other side increased ten-fold on the Winter Solstice of 2012. At exactly 3:12am (PST) on Friday, December 21st – the precise moment iDGi-1 received an incredibly large power spike through the quantum stream – I entered through the rift and spent a full 7 […]

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