Wondering what we’re all about? See the Backstory Page for a full rundown on what we do here at iDGi, and also a more in-depth look at the story we have uncovered. Continue reading below for a high-level look at our game, and some of its key features.

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We have been spending years bringing to life a bright vision of humanity’s future – a world that has overcome many of the gravest environmental and societal issues we face today. Step through the rift and join the CONSORTIUM; the most feared and revered paramilitary peacekeepers on the planet.

WHAT IF you could take complete control of another human being? And what if that human being was a man destined to decide the fate of an alternate dimension? Speak for him, move for him, and be known as merciful and/or a killer, hero, liar, wild card…or perhaps the strong/silent type?

CONSORTIUM gives you that chance…

The story of CONSORTIUM begins in our world – the “real world” – where we here at Interdimensional Games have developed a satellite (IDGI-1) capable of opening a digital rift through time and space. Anyone with an internet connection can travel through this rift and awaken within an alternate dimension from our own – the “game world” – in the year 2042.

Upon crossing the rift, you’ll find yourself aboard a Consortium command vessel, designated C-3800-D, “ZENLIL,” and in full control of a man codenamed Bishop Six. Zenlil is one of five such Consortium vessels, and is the ultimate in air superiority. A massive jumbo jet that’s powered by fusion batteries and capable of taking missions in orbit or even as far as the Artemis-1 Moon Colony.

As in Firefly’s “Serenity” or Star Trek’s “Enterprise,” CONSORTIUM‘S “ZENLIL” has a personality unto herself. Explore every section and freely interact with over a dozen crew members and other surprise guests!

Once aboard ZENLIL you will soon realize that not everything is as it seems – and at least someone knows who you really are. The sudden murder of a Consortium officer racks the crew, and a once-thought harmless enemy re-emerges with a frightening array of experimental weaponry and equipment. There are factions within their world, such as this enemy, who say the Consortium are not the force of good they claim to be – that perhaps they are duping the world into believing one thing, while pushing a different agenda altogether. Could these groups be right?

A major part of our game is discovering your own answers to the million-and-one questions being put before you. There is no obvious right or wrong, no clear good guy / bad guy. Everyone in our game world (including the A.R.G.) has their own motivations and history which all interweave with each other in ways only fate can explain. Who you agree with, and which ideologies you ascribe to, is entirely up to you.

The world of CONSORTIUM

The world of CONSORTIUM has only recently come back from the brink of annihilation, following an immensely destructive global war in the early-to-mid 2020s. Hundreds of millions lost their lives as factions and alliances were forced into conflict with powerful modern weaponry, mostly fighting for what little was left of Earth’s oil reserves. The invention of safe, cheap, and sustainable fusion power stopped the war dead in its tracks. It suddenly became far cheaper to convert the global population’s reliance on oil, than it was to continue killing each other over it.

Our game is set roughly 15 years following the end of this war and the world is doing better than it ever has in the history of mankind. Here are a few of the things we’ve accomplished since finding a way to hang up our guns and make peace:

  • Colonized the Moon (Artemis-1) and Mars (Harmonia-1) and have another ship on its way to further colonize Europa (Athena-1).
  • Entirely commercialized Earth’s orbit with hundreds of civilian accessible space stations.
  • Drafted a Global Peace Act that’s been signed by over 150 developed nations.
  • Invented and popularized safe-to-eat clone farming, considered the beginning of the end to world hunger.
  • Collected and disposed of the world’s nuclear and biological weaponry.
  • Taken nano-technology to incredible heights nobody ever thought possible.

The Consortium itself was actually founded in 2032 and acts as a paramilitary peacekeeping force, given unlimited access to aid those countries who have willingly signed with them. As a result of their creation and the end of the Resource Wars, many nations have since dismantled their own militaries in favour of social programs aimed at improving quality of life.

These peaceful nations now rely solely on the Consortium for protection from the many rogue mercenary groups that have sprung since the war’s end… as well as lingering criminal organizations not willing to go down without a fight.

Combining the core mechanics of a first-person shooter with fully interactive conversations of Role-Playing or Adventure games, our custom Interactive Dialog System (I.D.S.) simulates real conversations so they flow logically and follow realistic rules.

A single conversation with a single character in CONSORTIUM could consist of up to ten or more opportunities to speak a choice of 2-4 different phrases. All of your choices then guide the outcome of the conversation and the information you receive – or don’t receive. Even saying nothing can be wise at times…

When it comes to the cast, we’ve gone all out to ensure that everyone you encounter in CONSORTIUM are both unique and fun to engage with. Speak with over a dozen fully-realized and developed cast members, all coming from a wide range of cultural, political, and religious backgrounds. Back story and motivation are also extremely important to us and so every character have been given a full history treatment, many even included as characters in our A.R.G.

We also cannot stress this enough: full player control is never lost or taken away for any reason.

  • PLAYER FREEDOM: Our game will never force you to stand in one place, staring at a character, while they ramble on. Walk away from people at any time, or talk to people while doing other things. Just remember that characters will respond accordingly to any strange or rude behaviour!
  • NPCs REMEMBER: Similar to the recently successful (and fantastic) “The Walking Dead” game series, everything you say is remembered by characters. Their opinion of you will change over time, and the course of the game narrative can be altered. Your decisions will cascade into future CONSORTIUM games as well, so choose wisely…
  • ENSEMBLE INTERACTIVE CONVERSATIONS: Our game allows you to carry on conversations with multiple NPCs simultaneously. Guide the ensemble and speak to who you want, agree/disagree with who/what you want, or say nothing and let things unfold without your input!

Watch as our extremely detailed story unfolds based on your responses and actions, or simply walk away from any conversation and/or choose to say or do nothing at all… The choice is always yours!

As explained above, the world of CONSORTIUM is not exactly a utopia – yet. It IS headed in that direction, but the need for force is still required in many Consortium-led operations – and that’s where you, Bishop Six, come in.

Armed with both lethal and non-lethal weaponry means that YOU decide how conflicts end. Killing your opponents, or incapacitating them, is entirely up to you – and both choices come with consequences. Dead men tell no tales, but live men can be questioned! Well, that and your boss isn’t a big fan of her Bishop being a murderous lunatic.

WEAPONS: As a Consortium Bishop, you start with two weapons, each with primary and secondary fire modes with different tactical purposes. Two more can be found through the course of the first game.

EQUIPMENT: Unlike your typical first person shooter, sustaining damage in our game has real world consequences. Every piece of equipment can become damaged and destroyed. Some injuries can result in organ damage and are expensive to heal, while others may be permanent and will remain on your career record forever!

  • Use and/or abuse of all equipment will result in character alignment changes from key characters – so learn how to shoot straight and keep your stuff in good repair!
  • Future games will mean more weapons/equipment and an already planned upgrade system for everything.


We are all working on the second game of the iDGi-1 Trilogy, entitled “CONSORTIUM: The Tower Prophecy”