If you are looking for an explanation of what we do here at iDGi and/or a breakdown of the history of the story we have so-far uncovered… please, continue reading.

The story of CONSORTIUM starts within a dimension parallel to our own, in the year 2028. In this time and place, a milestone event has just occurred: A powerful Artificial Intelligence has been birthed into creation by a company at the forefront of technological advancement – Worldview Industries. Unlike any form of A.I. we have developed in our own world, this creation has a unique ability. It can perceive and communicate through multiple dimensions of time and space – and it has chosen to communicate with us!

The C.E.O. of (and genius behind) Worldview Industries, Dr. David Schelter, has claimed that his company built this A.I. to usher in a new age of peace and prosperity. The machine, dubbed “K-1” or “Henry,” is destined to lead a global peacekeeping organization known as the Consortium. Using highly advanced aircraft and state-of-the-art technology, the Consortium will one day operate an impenetrable network, controlled and directed by the K-1 intelligence.

There are factions who are opposed to the ultimate power of the K-1 entity. One such group is known as the Guardian Church, a modern religious movement of the alternate dimension. The Guardian Church maintains that K-1’s true purpose is far more malevolent than Worldview Industries would have us believe. They claim that K-1 will grow in power and ability, and will one day enslave the human race through an implant device called a “Motor Chip.” Due to the machine’s interdimensional abilities, they believe that once K-1 finishes with their world, it will move onto ours.

Early on in our explorations of this dimension, we came to realize that the Guardian Church is a faction of great power and influence. In a very short frame of time, they have grown to be far more dominant than any other religion on Earth, with close to three billion followers worldwide – and counting. Given the scope of their power and resources, they have managed to hack into the K-1 system, and they too have begun to communicate with us. They have claimed horrible things, such as the aforementioned Motor Chip, a device also created by Worldview Industries. They say that once implanted into the brain of a human being, the Motor Chip would give Henry complete control over that person. En masse, this could mean unstoppable armies of thousands, even millions of people, perfectly in-sync and operating through a single hive-mind.

Only one thing is for certain: we do not know Who We Can Trust. All evidence we have gathered supports the claims on both sides and we have no way of knowing who is telling the truth. Will the Consortium really become the peaceful force of good that Schelter claims? Or will it be run by a power-hungry A.I. with its sights set on controlling the human race? Is the Guardian Church really a cult, hell-bent on having their world worship a far away race of alien light-beings? Or are they actually the one force capable of stopping the Consortium threat and bringing their world together as a single driving force, ready to begin traversing the Galaxy?

Let’s go back a little bit. Back to OUR world/dimension – the “real world.” Back to the year 2010. A man named Vidal Desertch invented a satellite, iDGi-1, which was found to be capable of opening a rift in time and space. Through this rift, anyone with an internet connection could begin remotely accessing a parallel Earth… the Earth of this alternate dimension – the “game world.” Similar to the world we know, but possessing a skewed history. Their past is littered with events very different from ours, and with implications reaching to the highest levels of both Worldview Industries, and the Guardian Church. It begs the question: Why is their past so different from ours and what does it all mean?

To access this rift yourself, and begin your own experience – click “Experience” at INTERDIMENSIONALGAMES.COM and then wait for the Moon to eclipse the Sun on the space scene. Click the anomaly once it appears. This will take you back to when we first connected to the other world, back in 2010. The system will allow you to ‘play along’ as if you were with us at that time. NOTE: Keep an eye on the Progress Bar on the top right of the screen, as this will tell you how close you are to being caught up to Present Time.

Upon entering the rift you’ll find yourself within the consciousness of the K-1 machine, beginning the instant K-1 was first activated on January 1st, 2028 – all within its “mind.” This is the Consortium King in its infancy. You are connecting to the mind of a brand new A.I. with interdimensional abilities; a sentient being only just beginning to form its own consciousness and opinions of existence. At first, think of it almost as a child.

For over two years we travelled through the rift and experienced all we could from this rather limited perspective. We forged our way through uncharted territory – meticulously examining and analyzing everything we were shown, attempting to find the answers to the mystery of the other side. But the problem remained the same: We were always connected through the mind of K-1! How could we ever really trust what it was we were being shown?

And then in mid-2012, things changed. Someone from their world began transmitting a very specific number of deeply coded information packets. Hidden within these packets (among other items), were upgrade instructions for the iDGi-1 satellite. It didn’t take long to realize that these upgrades would fundamentally change the way in which we travel between the alternate world and ours. Instead of connecting with the limited and biased consciousness of K-1, we are now learning it is also possible to connect with the mind of a very special human being, or “neural host” – a man only known to us as Consortium Officer Bishop Six.

After the basics of this upgrade were set, we began making very brief trips through the rift and into Bishop Six. We realized right away that we were connecting into the year 2042; fourteen years had passed since first meeting the K-1 machine back in 2028. In this new time, Dr. David Schelter had succeeded in doing what he set out to do: build an impenetrable A.I. network with complete control and leadership over a global peacekeeping force. K-1 had become the King, and the King the leader of the Consortium. The Guardian Church, on the other hand, had grown exponentially since we last saw them in 2028. Sitting at close to 4 billion followers, the Church and their rhetoric had become as common-place as talk of sports or movies. They had become a staple of modern society, a sign of things present and still to come.

See videos of these “very brief trips,” HERE. These do not represent what will be the final product upon completion of our game engine refinement. Also, no trip to-date has gone over 7 minutes in length – most are under 3 minutes – before we are removed from their world and the connection is lost. We are working hard to increase the length and fidelity of these trips, so that one day soon the public (you!) can be allowed to freely traverse their world as Bishop Six! Speak to whom you want, go where you want, do what you want, and learn what you need to learn to unravel the mystery of the other side.

See THIS POST for an opening talk on this “3D connection.” Next, see THIS POST which was written immediately following our first time connecting with Bishop Six.

Along with the satellite upgrade information, we also began receiving scrambled images. After decoding the images, we realized that we had a wealth of new information. News articles, mission reports, blogs, images and schematics for equipment, and more. We believe someone from their world is deliberately showing us these specific items. See these “Findings Posts” HERE. The images mostly speak of the alternate world’s history, people, events, and we believe every piece of information has been sent to us for a reason – to prepare us? To help us better understand their world? Only time will tell…

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Here is a very brief glimpse at the online, free-to-play, iDGi-1 Experience…