The Greenberg Device

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted here. I thought with us progressing through the Greenberg Device, now would be the time to express my thoughts and concerns moving forward. In case anybody is wondering, it is impossible for anyone on the other side to read these press and news posts – similar to the steps taken in our forums, only those connections with an associated and verified IP address will be allowed access to the Press & News postings.

I don’t trust Greenberg at all. He’s just simply too “on edge” for my liking. There’s no telling what his real intentions are or if he even is who he claims to be. I have suggested to a few people (who have emailed me) that we hold back as much information as we can. I think it’s important, for example, that Greenberg NOT learn we are receiving the satellite realignment codes. For all we know this is all a big ploy so that he can receive the codes himself. Henry wanted to hide them for a reason and we should respect that!

When Greenberg first connected his device to iDGi-1, it was completely by force. I could not control what was happening as it first drained a significant amount of power and then began integrating itself and taking control of various systems. Eventually the integration was complete and this caused iDGi-1’s visual output to be ruptured by space/time anomalies left right and center. I’ve never seen anything like it thus far. What Greenberg said about Henry’s “space/time abilities” would definitely account for these ruptures.

We have determined with almost certainty that these anomalies, the messages everyone is receiving as they display star information from iDGi-1’s HUD, were transmitted originally from the Moon. They appear to all be dated in and around 2100 and are bits and pieces from some kind of semi-personal journal – a scientist in an observatory? Each entry mentions something about the star or star system being selected. We can’t prove if any of the entries are REAL or are actually from our future or theirs. We do however know for certain that it’s the Greenberg Device causing these anomalies to appear – it’s the device’s “security feature.”

While the Greenberg Device does appear to be all he claims it is… the problem is that we’re not sure exactly what we are causing to occur on the other side. How does “playing this game” affect Henry on the other side? Are we really fixing him? Was there ever even a virus in the first place? Perhaps we are helping make him worse? What if this person claiming to be “Walter Greenberg” is actually Malcolm, and the codes we are getting are from him as well? They could lead us anywhere.

All I do know for sure is that wherever the culmination of these codes take us, it will be perfectly safe for travel. This is the only fact keeping our government friends off our back as things progress.

I should further point out an important aspect of the device. Everyone interacting with the device’s manifestation has been receiving satellite coordinates. This means that not everyone will be required to complete the operations for all 21 brains of the Greenberg Device in order to access the other world again. Once the coordinates have all been found, anyone who has experienced the first two months of Henry’s existence will be able to jump back in.

Once all twenty-one codes are found and relayed to me, I’ll do some tests to see if they actually work before opening up the entirely new dialing system to you all…

The “what they want” myth

It’s time we started talking a little bit about the genesis of our project through listing some of it’s ingredients.    I’m going to start with a bit of a rant…

Among many videogame industry business types, there could be said to be a common wisdom surrounding why lots of people buy certain types of games, what drives these sales and so on.  Therefore, it’s understood, that we (the collective industry) need to keep focusing on making those kinds of games, because people will keep buying them, and that’s good business.   For the big publishers, this approach has become extremely apparent…the big budget “Call of Duty” productions, for example.   The interesting thing is, it’s only good business if you happen to have 50+ million dollars to throw at a production, and you focus almost entirely on streamlining the gameplay to make it “playable” by anyone, and work to “up the ante” with the level of epic sets, destruction and fast paced breakneck action.

There’s no doubt; modern videogames represent a continuous flood of ground breaking interactive experiences that can thrill and immerse people unlike any other form of entertainment.  Even actual physical roller coasters are being challenged from a pure “lizard brain thrills” perspective with the latest shooters.    As graphics technology has improved exponentially, so have project budgets.  As budgets rise, so does risk.   In the 90’s, video game project budgets were low enough that studios could fund a large number of video games, betting that one would be a hit, and the revenues from which could end up paying for all of the projects, even if the others were flops.

In those days and earlier, browsing videogames in a software store meant browsing DIFFERENT GAMES.  In the “old days”, there was an incredible variety of games. Both from a graphical and gameplay stand-point…they were all written from scratch by passionate and talented teams with strong collective visions of unique original games.

These days, games are becoming more and more indistinguishable from each other, both from a graphics and gameplay point of view.    The reasons for this are varied and are discussed at length elsewhere.

The main point here is that our project has little to do with all the data that has been collected and used by many of the large companies to determine what “they” (the perceived masses) want and will buy.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we aren’t aiming for an experience that is “easy to play but hard to master”.    But it does mean that we’re building something that WE (iDGi) want to experience…

Obviously the exact nature of this production is shrouded in mystery, and this is because we’re still fully working out exactly how to achieve our ultimate goals with iDGi-1…

Reconnection is near…

Greetings everyone!

We are overjoyed and excited to tell you all that the we are very close to being able to once again open the Rift and reconnect with the other side, beyond March 1st, 2028.  We believe that the final bits of information we need are retrievable through the Greenburg Device.

For those of you completely new to iDGi, WELCOME!!   Believe it or not, you have arrived at what is still the BEGINNING of an epic journey.  Catching up on the experience to prepare for what lies ahead should only take an afternoon or so (of course, if you choose to dive deep into what iDGi-1 has revealed so far, you may find days of time passing by…).

Believe it or not, the stalwart explorers among you who started with us 17 months (!) ago were on-board well BEFORE the beginning.

So, the reason for the extended interlude?   Acquiring full production funding for taking iDGi-1 to the next level, which proved far more difficult than any of us realized.  But we did it.

We would like to officially thank the following people who have contributed so much over the past 17 months to helping us explore the other side of the Rift.  In no particular order: Seadevil, John Galt, GoldenNova, cherrytree98765, Serik, wowo, sublimetime, and tromboner.  Your contributions will forever be written into the fabric of our IP, and we believe that your actions have already created waves that will only be most fully appreciated a long time from now…

In addition, Thrie must be congratulated for working so tirelessly to keep everything spinning over the past 15 months.   Many impressive feats were performed by him, and him alone.

We will be attempting to revise this blog and start posting more regularly…we have a bunch of new team members, and I’m hoping all of them will make at least a few posts over the next year to share insights and ruminations on the internal Interdimensional machine…

The future is THEN

A few interesting finds for December…

More soon…

Back to it

I have finally returned home to B.C after several weeks of rather exasperating meetings in Ottawa. For now things have stabilized and we are merely being “watched carefully” by a specially sanctioned group within the Canadian government. The communication blackout I’ve been forced to adhere to has been finally lifted and I can now speak openly with you, the public.

It seems this all began when a man named Dr. David Schelter (the Schelter from our world, not yet a public figure but still a highly respected individual) came forward and lodged a grievance against iDGi-1, apparently after discovering the whole John Wilconson situation. His initial statement reads, “If iDGi-1 is truly capable of communicating with another dimension, and all of this is not just a fabrication trumped up by Vidal and his company… then considering the hostile situation found within the other World, I see no other course of action available to us but to have iDGi-1 shut down permanently. Not just for our own safety, but for the safety and continued sanctity of the time/space continuum and all other possible Worlds held within. There is no telling what irreparable harm Vidal’s satellite is causing as they continue probing and stirring an already volatile situation.”

As many of you know, David Schelter is the C.E.O of Worldview Industries within the other dimension – the company behind the creation of K1 (Henry) and one side of a rising conflict with the Church of the Guardians. This is the very first time his name has come up in OUR world and at this time I cannot even begin to speculate what this all means, if anything at all.

Thankfully the Canadian government have ultimately decided that the possibilities raised and the questions that could be answered through the use of iDGi-1, cannot be ignored. They are simply too curious to shut us down but until further notice we will be required to have a government agent present at all times during any and all major decisions made regarding our satellite. They also possess veto power over such decisions and possess remote control of iDGi-1 as they see fit, and will generally not hesitate to shut us down if they think any real danger is imminent.

Thank you for your patience through all of this and at least for now, everything is back to relative normal. We remain focused on iDGi-1 development, and are still hopeful that someone from the other side will help us out with the remaining information needed to allow us to re-establish our ability to travel back through the Rift…we await further transmissions.