Got Soul?

Some videogames have SOUL, and others do not.  Further, it is entirely possible for a game to be very fun, addictive and entertaining, but still have no soul.    Those three components can be *engineered*.

For a videogame to have soul, it needs to have a level of inspiration behind it that goes beyond anything that can be planned, engineered or forced into existence with bundles of cash.    Some examples, IMO, includes venerable titles such as Dragon Wars (NOT Dragon Age), Freelancer, X-Com, The Bard’s Tale, Starflight, Star Control 2, Wizardry, Ultima IV, SSI’s The Summoning, Dark Forces…etc… These titles had people behind them that worked purely from a love of their craft, AND they had the (relative) freedom to make whatever they wanted using whatever process best suited them.  Of course budgets and deadlines still existed, but as long as something could be made on time, there was total creative freedom within the deadlines.  Those are games where almost every detail is part of a greater whole that came from a place of inspiration and artistic expression.

My buddy Jeremy Soule and I have given a name to this place:  “The Maelstrom”.  Jeremy’s music often comes straight from the Maelstrom, and those pieces are haunting, powerful and resonant pieces of music that will live on for hundreds, maybe thousands of years.  It’s sad that those ancient games I mention will have a tough time resonating for so long, and are, indeed, already forgotten by most.   However, I do believe that if the original team and/or a talented team inspired by the original work were to re-create those titles with a modern engine, basically giving the titles a massive graphical facelift but sticking extremely close to the mechanics and details of the original, they could become modern hits….and their soul would shine through.

Notice that I don’t include ANY modern games in that list.  If I really thought about it, I’m sure there are some.  However, IMO, we’re still at the stage of playing around with brand new, fancy cameras with a ton of new features that allow us to do utterly new things with our craft.   And in this stage it’s FAR safer, from an investment risk perspective, to just focus on engineering fun, addiction and entertainment into the latest graphical extravaganza than it is to experiment with an inspired/talented team and see what comes out.

Clearly though, we ARE nearing the end of this stage…..

Communication, exploration and electricity…

As far as news sites go, the Daily Grail is among my favorites.  They regularly find and post some amazing and thought provoking stuff.  So, without further ado, I shall pay homage to their format and post a few links I’ve discovered, centered around some iDGi themes …

Connection problems…

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that for various reasons, we don’t believe we are currently able to explore beyond the Rift past March 1st, 2028.   The biggest reason has to do our current connection method simply not functioning beyond that date.  We’re not sure why, but we will be working hard to figure it out.

We will keep you posted…

It appears as though people from beyond the Rift are able to connect to US, and they have somehow hacked into the iDGi forums to communicate.    In addition, video transmissions have been sent through to us, and we have started a iDGi-1 YouTube channel to display the video we have decrypted.

Web Update – v1.1

We hope you are enjoying the experience so far!

We have just implemented a new feature into “iDGi-1”, via the main Interdimensional Games website.  At the top right, next to the “captured events” button, we added a new “Clear History” button.   This effectively restarts your experience from the beginning, allowing you to play through the experience at your own pace and discover all possible combinations of content (as this is unique and random).